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Client Testimonials

It was very clear his years of experience makes him one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the Denver metro.

You have no idea how grateful my family and I are to you!! I'm in debt to you and all you have done!! You're a blessing from God and to humanity!! You will always have my recommendation to anyone who needs council.. I'm your friend for life and if there is anything me or my family can do for you please don't hesitate to ask I will give you the shirt off my back!! Thank you!!!! And thank you for the refund!! Man I can't thank you enough or express into words how much you have impacted my son and my family! Thank you for all the support, hard work and genuine care for my son! Thank you. You are a great human!!! Your family and the people you employee are blessed they have you!!!

  • An Anonymous Father of a client

My experience with Mr. Cessna made a difficult time much smoother. He was always available to answer my barrage of questions. It was very clear his years of experience makes him one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the Denver metro. I would recommend Mr. Cessna to anyone that wants an involved lawyer that is always available to answer questions. As for the reviews that claim Mr. Cessna is not responsive are simply not true. Within hours of calling, we had many of questions answered and it relieved a lot of worry.

  • A Satisfied Client

Chris was kind and was eager to help me!

! I was arrested for a DUI July 2014, I sought out Chris after I had had several unpleasant discussions with other attorneys. Chris was kind and was eager to help me. During the whole pre-arraignment period, Chris and his team were helpful and attentive to my needs and my situation. Due to extenuating circumstances I wasn't able to take my case to trial, but Chris was able to convince the DA and the Judge to give me the most minimal of judicial sentencing. I am very thankful for Chris and his team for helping me to get the best result we could.

  • A Satisfied Client

Chris Cessna is a life saver!

Late in 2015 I was charged with a DUI so I decided to hire Chris Cessna, which turned out to be the best decision I made all year. I contacted his law office and was greeted by a friendly paralegal. She was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions, and a short time later I was contacted by Chris himself. He was present at every court proceeding (even the ones he could have easily sent a representative for) and handled my case personally. He ended up getting the case against me dropped! I highly recommend Chris Cessna for any and all DUI and other criminal defense needs! You will be in excellent hands!!

  • A Satisfied Client

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chris Cessna for his excellent representation in my son's DUI case. From the initial consultation through the successful culmination of the jury trial, Chris was up front, honest and immensely knowledgeable. As a mother whose instinct is to protect her child, I felt confident that my son was in the best possible hands. During the trial process, I was amazed at this ability to "think on his feet" in response to each motion, ruling and testimony. From his attention to detail, both in his legal research and during the jury trial (he knew each potential juror's name and personal information with no written notes) to his thoroughness in "leaving no stone unturned", Chris was awesome! And with Chris Cessna as your attorney, not only will you get excellent legal representation, you will get someone who genuinely cares about the person, not just the case. Thanks, Chris.

  • The Mother of a Satisfied Client Who's Son was Aquitted on all DUI Related Counts at Trial

Hi Chris, I just wanted to say, "Thank You," for all of your help and support during my case. I hope all is going great for you and I wish you the best. Take care.

  • A Satisfied Client After her Second DUI was Dismissed at Motions Hearing

Chris Cessna worked diligently and explored every avenue of defense pertaining to my case. Through his perseverance, Chris got me a deal that I never thought possible. Chris Cessna is not just an attorney; he is your friend and counselor in trying times.

  • A Satisfied Client - our office got this client's first DUI dismissed for which this letter was written. We then got this client's second DUI arrest dismissed almost a year later.

"Thank you very much for all your help. I don't know how I can express my feelings and appreciation to you. It has been a long year for us - we went into depression and anger. Mr. Cessna, without you, we could have not done anything. YOU ARE THE BEST DUI ATTORNEY. You are not only a great attorney but also a great person. I am so glad that I met you. We hope to see you again. Once again, thank you very much, Mr. Cessna."

  • A Satisfied Client

"I want to thank you for the fine service that you provided for my son. Everything you did was of the highest quality, and we are deeply appreciative that you were able to help us in a time of need. I would and will recommend your services to anyone and will certainly call upon you again if the need arises. "

  • Father of a Satisfied Client

"I would like to thank you for a job well done. Good job. I'm so happy. Excellent job."

  • A Satisfied Client (after his case was dismissed at trial)

"This note comes to express my gratitude to you for your kindness. Thank you for taking care of the matter for (my grandson). Considering what you saved him from, he seems to be looking at life a lot differently now. Thanks for everything. "

  • Grandmother of a Satisfied Client

"I was so relieved with the outcome. This is what I asked of you from the initial consultation. I felt very good about how you put my legal defense and it showed up aggressively in court. Thanks."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Thank you for help in this situation. You have been professional, but approachable. I would recommend you to friends without hesitation. "

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris, thanks again for working with my financial situation. It was much appreciated."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Thanks for all the help and honest thoughts on my case. Your honest opinions helped me to make correct decisions."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Thanks for all of your help. Your professional attitude mixed with compassion for my anxiety made a difficult time easier. I never had any doubts or concerns trusting you with my case and I feel the outcome was reasonable and fair. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks Chris! "

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris. I have been very impressed with you. I feel that you are an excellent attorney and if I am in need of legal advice in the future, I will definitely retain you again. "

  • A Satisfied Client

"Thank you very much (for getting my DUI dismissed)."

  • A Satisfied Client

"I do appreciate everything you did for me. You took my case more seriously than I did. Thank you for all of your help."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris was very professional and helpful in traveling to Kansas from Denver to assist us in this case. Great job."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Not an experience I would ever want to relive, but you helped make it easier to get through. Thanks!"

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris is an awesome lawyer and takes all of his cases seriously. I would definitely use him (again) in the future. "

  • A Satisfied Client

"We would like to let you know that we appreciate all you've done for us. Thanks again for all you've done!"

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris, as you know I found my experience with you to be exceptional. You were so approachable. Thanks again for all of the work on my behalf!"

  • A Satisfied Client

"Thanks for your help. Your knowledge of traffic law made all the difference. "

  • A Satisfied Client

"I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for what you have done for me. Joining the Coast Guard wasn't even part of my case. You found that out on your own when you took the time to get to know a little about me. Not as a client, but because you wanted to. Then you went out of your way and didn't just fight my case; you fought it with my future as your top priority. My son and I did not have six months to wait for our lives to get on track. You made it possible so that we did not have to wait, and my goal of joining the Coast Guard could begin right away. I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Please accept my thanks for the way you treated me and handled my legal problem. It's a pleasure to have someone to call when I need legal help."

  • A Satisfied Client (after his assault case was dismissed)

"Chris is a very good attorney. He is also very personable and truly cares about the people he defends."

  • A Satisfied Client (after getting his DUI and BUI cases dismissed at motions hearings)

"Honestly, I feel that you were a great lawyer. You got everything I needed taken care of quickly (getting my charges dismissed). "

  • A Satisfied Client

"I was completely satisfied with the representation, and you achieved the results I sought."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris is a wonderful lawyer who goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. He was able to get a DWAI charge fully dismissed in my case and made it very painless to accomplish that. I spent a total of 2 hours in court through a 3 month period, which in my opinion is unheard of in DUI cases in the state of Colorado. Chris worked diligently and had more patience than most people I have met in my lifetime. I would refer Chris to everyone I know in a DUI situation that wanted correct and valuable representation."

  • A Satisfied Client

"Chris Cessna worked diligently and explored every avenue of defense pertaining to my case. Through his perseverance, Chris got me a deal that I never thought possible."

  • A Satisfied Client(after getting her DUI dismissed)

"Dear Chris,

I want to thank you again for everything that you did for me representing me in my DUI court case. As I told you when we were leaving the court house, I truly believe that your expertise in all facets of DUI law is the reason I was able to get such a great Plea Bargain, and that no other attorney would have been able to do what you did to get the DUI dismissed.

My situation was dire, arrested for three things; 1. DUI (with an accident) 2. Leaving the Seen of an Accident 3. Careless Driving. All this with a new baby, an incredible job that supplies a company car, travel and tremendous benefits. To get convicted of a DUI would most likely cost me my job and affect my entire family since I am the sole provider. Bottom line, I could lose everything.

I immediately researched DUI attorneys and called an interviewed with the top three. It was a tough decision because I knew I was placing my future in someone else's hands. After talking with Chris on the phone a couple times I made my choice and have never looked back. What I appreciated from the beginning was his honesty, not promising me anything but the assurance that he will do everything in his power to fight for me. His honesty, integrity and DUI expertise won me over.

My case took a little over a year to get resolved and at the Motions Hearing when Chris put the arresting officer on the stand it was a thing of beauty. I mean straight out of a "Hollywood" movie. Chris dissected the facts and police reports, referred to other court case judgments. The DA looked lost, the Judge ruled in our favor, so the blood tests (1.61) and other DUI statements were not going to be admissible in court. So, the DA would not have a DUI case. I still remember after the Motions Hearing getting in the elevator and the arresting police officer congratulating Chris on doing an excellent job! Again, they could still get me with "Leaving the Seen of an Accident" and "Careless Driving", both would be enough points (16 pts) to have me lose my license. About two weeks later Chris came back with a Plea Bargain from the DA, they dropped everything, except I would need to plead to an 8 point Reckless Driving ticket.

If you are reading this then I truly know what you're going through and I can only offer you my referral and for your sake I hope you hire the best, Chris Cessna."

  • A Satisfied Client (name omitted)
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