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At the Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna we take pride in the amazing results we have gotten on past cases. Our attorney, Chris Cessna, fights for our clients through personalized case strategies and one-on-one attention to get the best possible results. Check out our past case results and contact us today to begin reviewing your case with our experienced attorney.
  • Full Acquittal
    .185 BAC After client fires first attorney and later hires Mr. Cessna, Mr. Cessna gets the jury to acquit his client at trial despite a .185 BAC blood test, failed field sobriety tests and admission to drinking after police find liquor bottle in vehicle.
  • Case Dismissed
    .285 BAC After causing a severe T-bone accident, client consents to a blood test, which later comes back at .285 BAC. Mr. Cessna gets the entire case dismissed at the motions hearing after the judge agrees to grant his motions to suppress all evidence.
  • Deferred Sentence
    DUI After cross examining the arresting officers at a motions hearing, and persuading the judge to suppress all field sobriety test evidence, the DA offers Mr. Cessna's client (who had a prior DUI conviction) a deferred sentence, thus allowing all of the DUI charges to later be dismissed if the client completes certain court ordered terms successfully.
  • All Evidence Thrown Out
    DUI The Court throws out all evidence against Mr. Cessna's female client after cross-examination of the arresting State Trooper, and subsequent legal arguments by Mr. Cessna convince the judge that the prosecution had not met their burden of proof to justify the DUI arrest. The Court threw out all evidence despite the Trooper having to throw the client to the ground due to her being so uncooperative during the traffic stop.
  • Acquitted by Jury
    Third DUI Offense Client who was facing a full year in jail for his third DUI is acquitted by a jury. Mr. Cessna gets the acquittal on all DUI charges despite a police video showing bad driving, failed sobriety tests, and a blood test above the legal limit.
  • Case Dismissed
    Third DUI Offense After cross examination of the arresting officer reveals possible tampering with the breath test results, the judge reverses her prior ruling denying Mr. Cessna's request for specific breath test documents, and orders the DA to now provide previously requested breath test documents. Instead of turning over the Court ordered breath test documents, the DA wisely dismisses the case after insisting for months that Mr. Cessna's client do a full year in jail for his third DUI offense.

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